Our Story

Made by Her is a handmade business that creates women's clothing, specialising in unique summer wear and statement outfits for special occasions.

Our aim is to make sure you look your best at any event.

To achieve this, we offer a custom-made ordering process that allows you to receive a personalised outfit. From the fit, sleeves, colour or fabric we can change any one of our designs to suit your vision. This guarantees a perfect fit, so you can feel confident and comfortable.

Our outfits are inspired by the latest trends and designed with versatility and individuality in mind. We take great care in selecting high-quality fabrics that suit the design. Each outfit is handmade with love and care by our team from start to finish.

We also source our materials ethically from the UK and make each outfit to order, ensuring that no fabric or stock goes to waste.

Meet our Founder

Lauren started her fashion journey in April 2021, during the pandemic and global lockdowns. She was frustrated with the limited sizes and unoriginal designs offered by fast fashion brands like Zara.

Lauren had always been passionate about fashion and during the lockdown, she taught herself everything she could about designing and making clothes. She believed in her ideas and potential to create a unique brand, with a diverse size scale and collections that flatter all customers, regardless of their size or shape.

Despite being confined to her bedroom, Lauren worked tirelessly to create unique designs that would stand out from the crowd. She taught herself how to sew and began creating bespoke outfits for women, with timeless pieces in mind.

Today, her brand is growing rapidly and she is grateful for the support. She is focused on building a great team, providing excellent service, and designing timeless, handmade fashion for women of all shapes and sizes around the world.